Let’s Watch Fate/Zero, Episode 21

Knight on a Two-Wheeled Steed

Open to Kiritsugu closing Maiya’s eyes, as Saber chases Rider.

whurr da Sabine women at?

Rider hops from roof to roof, while Saber chases him through the streets on her motorcycle. She uses her Class Skill: Riding to push her motorcycle beyond its limits, allowing it to pull insane crazy things like accelerate beyond its listed max speed and turn tight corners at super high speeds. Unfortunately, since she’s in the city and on the ground, she quickly loses line-of-sight, but that is of no import, as she can sense his Noble Phantasm.

Meanwhile, inside Gordius Wheel, Waver notices Saber gaining on them. Wait a minute, I thought Waver wasn’t in the chariot at first? Or did Rider pick him up? Anyway, Rider sees it too and asks whether motorcycles are supposed to be that fast. When Waver replies that she’s probably using her Riding skill, Rider naturally decides that now would be a good time to get his inner Ben-Hur on and have a good old chariot race.

Class Skill: Riding? But that’s no horse! She’s just got two wheels and she’s revving them together!

Cut to Kiritsugu, seeing a burnt passport? Cut back to Saber, continuing to push that bike. She releases Invisible Air to make a wind tunnel that increases its speed and removes air resistance. Rider is super amused at this, summons up Zeus’s thunder through the wheels of his chariot, ad tears up the road while cutting up the side of the mountain to create obstacles. “EAT MY DUST,” he calls out. But she counters it by materializing her armor around the bike, then ramping off the highway to slam right into him for some glorious broadsword-on-xiphos action.

How the hell did you get the Lightning Bolt while in the lead? I call h4x!

This stops the race, but as it turns out…Irisviel isn’t with them? Cut to Kiri and some tied-up dude with purple hair.


Kiritsugu’s deduced that Matou kidnapped Iri somehow? After some Jack Bauer interrogation method, Kiri learns that Kariya Matou is with some observer from the Church (that is, Kirei). on him when he asks where Kariya is. Guy says he’s with an observer from the Church. Cut to Kariya and Kirei standing on the balcony, and apparently they had someone pretend to be Rider somehow, and it was just a happy coincidence that real Rider showed up randomly. Kariya revealed that in order to create the deception, he had to use two command spells, but Kirei replenishes them.

When you’re good to Mama…

Interestingly, his Command Spells are shaped like a triskelion (that Celtic symbol that’s like a three-legs joined at the hip circle thing, currently still the coat of arms for the Isle of Manx). We also find out Berserker can transform into other Servants. Because his actual legend involves him disguising himself as other knights, so as a Servant he can adopt the appearance of other Servants, right down to their Noble Phantasms. So this means I got trolled last episode, but that’s perfectly fine. Plot twists are wonderful anyway.

Again, I got spoiled for his identity, but: a mystery knight who is good at fighting and has a mad hate-on for Saber. I wonder who that could be?

You alright, bro? You don’t look yourself.

They question whether she is really the Grail’s vessel. Kirei answers that to be precise, she’s actually the grail’s contents, but it doesn’t really matter. He says he doesn’t mind if Kariya has the Grail. Kariya reminds him that he has another promise to fulfill first, and Kirei agrees. Come to the church at midnight, he says to Kariya, and that promise will be fulfilled – you will get to fight Tohsaka Tokiomi.

LOL WTF Kariya you’re getting trolled.

Kariya leaves…and Zouken’s there?

Cut to Rider, still in a face-off with Saber. He plans to charge, relying on the speed of his chariot to blitz Saber before she can finish activating Excalibur. Waver has doubts, but Rider believes it’s so crazy it just might work, and then once Saber’s defeated he can have her join his army. Waver realizes that for Rider, conquest was never about taking land or treasure, but winning the hearts and minds of his opponents and gaining them for his own side. Anyways, Rider snaps his reins and charges forth, calling forth Zeus’s lightning as he unleashes the true name of his Noble Phantasm: Via Expugnatio.

Bet you wish you had that blue shell now!

Cut to Kirei, asking what Zouken’s doing here. Turns out Zouken’s always been watching, and he’s just curious at what Kirei’s got in store for Kariya, and he’d be willing to lose the Grail War if it means Kariya gets screwed over. Kirei thinks that’s kind of stupid, and Zouken calls him a maggot. He gets a knife to the head for his trouble, but it’s not very effective. Feed your dark side, Zouken says, before disappearing.

You could say that’s how I got ahead in life

From his vantage point, Kirei sees the energy flash of Excalibur.

Britons never shall be slaves indeed.

Cut to Waver and Rider, surrounded by scorched ground. Rider realizes he misunderestimated Saber’s strength, and his chariot got totally vaporized. Waver tells him to use Ionioi Hetairoi, but Rider shakes his head as they’ll need that against someone else. Saber drives off, and Rider comments that motorcycles are pretty awesome, maybe he should get one…and also since Gordius Wheel is now vaporized, they’ll have to walk back to town.

Rider and Waver, hanging in a tree…

Cut to Kariya walking to the church, internally monologuing about how he doesn’t know how much longer he has, but he’s not done yet, he can’t be done yet, he still has a job to do! He sees Tokiomi sitting in the pews and staggers over, rage driving each step. “You think you killed me,” he says. “It’ll take more than that to kill me,” he says. “I’ll make you pay for everything!” He makes his to Tokiomi, but as soon as he reaches the row, he discovers that’s just the corpse. Shocked, Kariya recoils, causing the body to fall to the ground…and now Aoi shows up.

What a tweest!

Oh Kariya…you got TROLLED.

Her voice trembling, Aoi asks if Kariya is finally satisfied. Now that Tokiomi is dead, House Matou is sure to win the House Cup – er, the Grail Wars now (um, lady, you’re kind of forgetting Kiritsugu here). “Was taking Sakura from me not enough?” She asks. “You had to kill my husband too?”

Um, woman, Kariya didn’t take Sakura from you, Zouken and Tokiomi did and you agreed to give her away. In fact Kariya told you like ten episodes ago that he’s fighting so Sakura would be returned to you. But logic doesn’t matter to a grieving woman or to an author who apparently hates the idea of justified vengeance, so she’s getting all hysteric and screaming that IT’S ALL HIS FAULT, that he was never happy with being a mage, so he didn’t want anyone else to be happy, and how could he understand, he’s never loved anyone!

Sweet dreams, guys. If nothing else, this show is extremely good at drawing crying people super scary.

This last line makes him snap, and his inner/outer monologue reveals that he did indeed love someone who was kind and warm (coughAoicough). No animations is present here, only black, with the occasional flash of still images of him choking Aoi, loving drawn in rapey imagery.

Yeah…safest pic I found.

By the time the rage quasi-subsides, Aoi’s now either dead or catatonic, and Kariya realizes what he’s done…and now he’s full on crazy, lurching out of the church in a daze. We see that from the upper balcony, Gil and Kirei have been watching, amused at the epic trolling they just pulled off.

u mad bro?

Gil hands Kirei a glass of wine, and Kirei notes that the wine is tastier than he remembers. Apparently evil does taste good, and Gil ends the episode saying that this is just step one of the super fun path to darkness.

SCHADENFREUDE! People taking pleasure at your pain!

Final thoughts:

Pretty good episode. I think if I beat it any more, the “dammit Nasu why u make Kariya crazy” is gonna be an undead horse, so I’ll stop. Instead, I’ll just say why they should not have done it that way, namely that while most of the Masters are not implicitly criticized for their goals even if their methods are less than clean (Kiritsugu, I’m looking at you), it stick out like a sore thumb when freaking child-murdering Uryuu gets almost a “poor guy, he’s just mentally unbalanced” treatment when Kiritsugu finally Old-Yellers him, but Kariya gets to be crazy stalker because he might have still loved a woman who married someone else and was harboring hopes that she might just finally come around and love him back if he does enough things for her. Yeah, Kariya might be one of those “fake nice guys”, but at least fake nice guys still pretend to be nice most of the time and usually lack the balls to actually do anything bad. And a fake nice guy saving a girl from being rapeworms is still heroic no matter how you slice it. Making him crazy and focusing on that aspect only detracts from whatever inherent goodness there is in that action. It also means that for the final choking bit to happen, we have to have Aoi be dumb and pull a Kiritsugu – that is, blame Kariya for stuff that not only wasn’t his fault, but the opposite of what he was trying to do. In fact, I’d consider Aoi’s reaction to be worse, because Kiritsugu is a kid and therefore expected to be dumb, whereas Aoi’s a grown-ass adult who knows what’s up and yet breaks down into stupidity anyway.

I’ll probably have more to say about this subject when he finally bites it (not a spoiler, Kirei is the only one to survive into Fate/Stay Night, and we know from that series that Saber won the last one).

Anyways, good amount of action, beautiful choreography, nice characterization for Rider in that we see how he reacts to defeat and being wrong, as well as exploring Berserker’s nature. We’re making pretty good progress towards the endgame here.

Oh, and EPIC TROLL by Gil and Kirei. Holy crap.

Headcanon now says that since Fate/Zero takes place in the 90s and 4chan was launched in 2003 according to wiki…Gilgamesh can use the the Gate of Babylon to spam and troll faster than any mod can delete or ban.

I am anonymous. I am legion. I do not forgive. I do not forget. Expect me.


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