In the alternate universe where the climax happened a different way…

Wherein the belief that she had inadvertently killed her sister did not cause Elsa to collapse in a BSOD moment, but instead caused her powers to spiral out of control in grief…

The rampaging ice powers froze most of Arendelle’s inhabitants, with the exception of a few who fled to the kingdoms to the south.

In her resulting grief and loneliness, Elsa tried reanimating her frozen subjects, much like she did with Olaf. But due to the corrupted nature of her magic, something would always be just a little “off” about them, and each iteration just exacerbated the problem a little bit. Still, she kept trying, each setback only prompting her to try harder. In her personal quarters, there stands the frozen statue of Princess Anna. One day, Queen Elsa said, she will perfect the process, and then they will have their old life back, even if it takes ten thousand years. Standing by their side is Olaf, because some people are worth never seeing summer for.

Meanwhile, the refugees of old Arendelle describe to the kingdoms they fled to of a land of desolate and everlasting ice, where the snows fell a hundred feet deep during the long night, when children were born and lived in darkness, and the White Walkers moved through the woods…


Also, among the survivors:

Hans made it out and hopped on a boat back to the Southern Isles, or as it will become known in the future, the Iron Islands. Due to his firsthand experience, he begins delving into magical research. This is why the Faith of the Drowned God worships Cthulhu, and why their rituals and magic still works to an extent.

Wesselton also made it back alive. Also affected by witnessing the sheer savagery that sorcery can unleash, he pours the kingdom’s funds into creating the Citadel, ostensibly as a public works project and an investment into higher education, but really to research means by which human technology may quash and banish magic from the earth forever.

Kristof and Sven, in the meanwhile, also made it back. He wandered aimlessly for a while, before rescuing a young woman who happened to resemble Anna from bandits or wolves or whatever. Said young woman happened to be the only daughter and child of a fading Noble House, whose so-called allies were basically waiting for the patriarch to die so they can divide up its holdings. In gratitude to the young man, they marry their daughter to him, and forever take the majestic caribou against a field of gold (like the young man’s hair) as their sigil. Upon finally coming into inheritance, Kristof Baratheon, Lord of Storm’s End, never forgot the homeland of his first love, and swore to revitalize it one day. Thus he created an order of men, good men, to keep watch at the borders, ranging beyond it even, to look for signs that old Arendelle would revitalize once more. And when it became clear that such an event would not happen in his lifetime, he ordered a young Brandon Stark, gifted in the craft of construction, to erect a great Wall such that the order of watchmen would always have a home base from which to carry out their eternal mission, their long watch which began as soon as the night fell upon old Arendelle.


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3 Responses to “Frozen Wild Mass Guessing (and MASSIVE SPOILERS AVOID IF HAVEN’T SEEN)”

  1. patricksponaugle Says:

    This is the best.

    • roflmaozedong Says:

      Thanks! How’d you find the blog btw, I only update infrequently and have no idea how people get updates on it.

      • patricksponaugle Says:

        I have a search tag for “Game of Thrones”, and since you had tagged your post that way, it showed up in my GoT blog post feed.

        I really liked your breakdown, having all the characters migrating to form various elements of Westeros.

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